What can up-lighting do for your venue? Is it worth the Money?

13177684_10153782613806032_5889640937147015656_nThis has been a huge topic for debate over the last few years. DJ’s and lighting companies abroad have went out and spend 10’s of thousands of dollars to ensure they have the most current, most elegant uplighting available. So, Why are most brides turning away from them? First off you must ask the question.



Up lighting is an event lighting design created with an array of floor-based lighting fixtures placed around the perimeter of a room focused on walls, points of interest, architectural details, or any other element of a room or event that you would want an amazing highlight of color placed upon. Up lighting is a fantastic way to express an event’s color palette and is often the foundation of a more comprehensive total event design. Up lighting has become incredibly popular with clients and event designers because of the incredibly favorable ratio of Impact : Cost. Because of its immense popularity, uplighting can now be found being offered from any number of different kinds of vendors (DJs, Rental Companies, Planners, Event Venues, even Photographers), in a variety of different package types, at a huge variety of price points. So you love uplighting, but how do you know how to hire the right vendor who will do uplighting “right”?

So, when you start exploring lighting vendors, you are going to find a big range of pricing options. How do you make sure you are hiring an uplighting vendor who knows what they are doing? Here are some things to consider and ask the vendors about:

Does the vendor have the latest uplighting technology? The fixtures used in uplighting have made quantum leaps in technological advances in the past few years. Today’s best fixtures for creating a great uplighting design are LED-based (no heat, consume very small amounts of power), discreet, battery powered (no ugly power cables and tape on floors and walls, HUGE difference!), and capable of creating nearly any color in the spectrum. Be worried about a vendor using older technology where the extreme heat of bulbs can pose a danger, not all color choices are available, and you have to deal with ugly power cables being run all over your event space. TIP: Ask to see the light fixture used for uplighting at your consult with the vendor.
How many fixtures am I getting? Knowing how many fixtures to use in a well-planned uplighting design is critical! Here’s the deal. In our expert opinion, an uplighting layout is either right or its wrong…


Investing in less fixtures then the room needs is NEVER a good value. If a room needs 24 fixtures to be complete, but you buy 18 because it fit the budget, I promise that you wont see the 18 pretty lights, you will only see the 6 spots that there should have been lights! In the long run, you probably would have been more satisfied saving the money than buying an incomplete design. TIP: Hire a vendor who sells uplighting for a flat rate for a complete room design that you get to approve.

So in the end you ask is it worth it?  ABSOLUTELY!  Up-Lighting creates an ambiance to ANY reception floor plan!  Your guests will be impressed and talking about your special day for years to come.